Globodox is one of the most feature packed document management systems available in the market today. No other Document management system in its category offers such a comprehensive set of tools and features. Plus it's super simple to use!

  Ease of use

Familiar Outlook style user interface - Designed to increase user efficiency for searching and managing documents.

Search centric design - ...makes sure that users get to their documents in the fastest possible way.

Templates and Profiles - Store frequently used indexing data as Templates. Store re-usable settings for Scan, export etc. as Profiles.

Task Centric Help - Help file is structured with a task based approach where users can learn Globodox by learning how to perform specific tasks.

Web Client - With cross-browser support, the Web Client is more powerful and simple to use.

OCR - Built in OCR automatically indexes scanned documents, making them searchable instantly.

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Add Documents and Folders - Add multiple existing documents and folders with built-in tools.

Scan documents - Powerful scanning interface lets you quickly add multiple single or multi-page documents. Separate multi-page documents with blank pages or bar coded separator pages for better accuracy. Duplex scanning is supported.

Folder Monitor - Watches one or more specified folders on your disk and adds any files added to those folders to Globodox. You can use this feature to directly add files to Globodox even when Globodox is not running. Very useful when working with Network Scanners which put the scanned documents in a folder.

Email Capture - Automatically download email messages from multiple POP3 mail servers and directly add them to Globodox. Messages are automatically indexed and searchable immediately.

Drag and Drop - Simply drag and drop documents as well as folders into Globodox. When you drag folders they retain the same structure inside Globodox.

Drag and drop Email Messages - Drag and drop e-mail messages MS Outlook, Outlook Express and Windows Mail. You can also drag and drop attachments from these mail clients.

Drag and drop text - Drag & drop text from documents (e.g. MS Word .doc files) to save as a RTF file. Similarly drag and drop text from a web page to convert and save as HTM file.

Drag and drop images from web pages - Drag & drop images from any web page. This feature may not work for all web pages and all browsers.

Import indexing data - Indexing data can be imported via CSV text files.

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Folders - Create Folders and Sub-Folders (similar to Windows Explorer) to quickly categorize your documents. Easily clone an existing folder structure.

Document Type - Use Document Types for a more structured approach to manage your documents. You can store specific indexing information with each document (for e.g. store Invoice Number, Invoice Date, Invoice Amount with each stored Invoice).

Stacks - Documents can be arranged in a Stack. Stacks can have their own indexing information which is shared by all the documents in that stack. So, you can search for documents by searching for stack's indexing info.

linking - You can create multiple links between documents and stacks. This way you can easily jump from one document to another. For example you can link an invoice to a check or a letter to itsreply.

Tags - Attach simple text tags to every document. Tagging is a quick way of indexing. Search or group documents based on their tags.

Check-in / Checkout - Checkout a document for editing to prevent other users from modifying the same document. Other users will be able to view but not modify the document till it is checked in.

Versions - Create and retain multiple versions of a document. Easily access the older version at any tim e. Add Version Notes to remember the changes made.

Document Notes - Store unlimited number of notes along with each document. Apart from the note text each note will contain the date, time as well as the name of user (note creator).

Annotation - Draw, highlight, redact, stamp, write comments, etc. directly over an image. Burn annotations on the image to make them permanent. Use built-in stamps or create your stamps to mark document approval etc. Each user can also create a stamp of her signature.

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Email - Email documents with a single click.

Burn to CD/DVD - Burn documents / data or both to a CD/ DVD directly from Globodox.

Export Wizard - Export documents / data or both. Save the export settings as a profile and reuse it for future exports.

Print - Print one or more documents with a single click.

FAX - Fax one or more documents directly from Globodox.

Import - Import documents and data from a CSV (Comma Separated Value) format file.

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  Search and sort

Quick Search - Simultaneously search in multiple fields by typing in a single search term in the quick search box. Choose the fields to include in the quick search.

Sorting - Sort search results, just like in Windows Explorer, by clicking on the column header.

Advanced Search - Expand the search bar to see more options and customize the search (multi-condition searches). Save searches for later reuse.

Hide Columns - Choose the columns you want see and hide the ones you do not require.

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  Route (Workflow)

Route - Workflow is fully integrated with Globodox. Route documents with a single click.

Designer - Design workflows that replicate your day-to-day business processes using the Workflow Designer.

Monitor - Know the current state of all the workflows that are currently running. Pause, resume or cancel workflows from here.

Tasks and Messages - Receive your tasks and messages from workflow processes in the inbuilt Inbox. Set options to receive notifications in your regular e-mail client.

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Roles - Map security roles to existing designations / job profiles in your organization to decide the level of access each user has to the document repository. Multiple users can be assigned to a single role; also a user can be assigned to multiple roles.

Share, Restrict or Assign - Control access by simply sharing and restricting a document from another user. Transfer ownership by assigning the document to another user.

Encryption - Encrypt documents using industry standard strong encryption algorithms such AES, Blow fish and Triple-DES.

Security Labels - Create re-usable custom security templates which let you decide user access on a per document or per folder basis.

Control Printing and Saving - Disallow printing, saving to local machine, emailing by simply denying the Distribute permission for a document.

Event Logging / Auditing - Log details about user actions like addition and modification. Export logged events as XlS, CSV, HTML etc.

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  System Requirements
Server Requirements
  Processor: A Dual Core or better AMD or Intel Processor
  Server Memory: 2GB server memory at minimum. We recommend 4GB for the best performance.
If you plan on running the SQL Server application server on the same machine as the Web Client
then 4GB is strongly recommended.
  Hard Disk: Depends on the size of your documents.
Client Requirements
  Processor: 1Ghz or higher
  Free hard disc space: 200MB
  RAM: 1GB recommended
  Browser: Internet Explorer 6.0 (SP1) or higher, Firefox 2.0 or higher, Opera 9 or above, Apple Safari,
Google Chrome
  Microsoft .NET Framework 2.0 (If not present, it will be automatically downloaded and installed)
Supported Windows Operating Systems
  Windows 2000, Windows XP, Windows 2003, Windows Vista (32 bit / 64bit), Windows 2008
(32 bit / 64 bit), Windows 7 (32 bit / 64 bit)
Supported Databases
  MS SQL Server 2000 and higher, MS SQL Express, MSDE, MySQL 5.0 and higher, MS Access


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